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Mar 26, 2008
I went to look at my existing feedhorn to see if I could slide out the assembly and insert the BSC-421LNBF in its place. I do not think this feed was adjustable unless I am missing something.


1. The feed. Excuse the mess. This was from the wasp nest(s) that I removed last summer.
2. Do these screws come out for a reason?
3. This Feed was on an ADM dish with a clamp the clamped the feed assembly and held partially in the steel feed horn cover. I think it was a retrofit kit from an LNA to LNB.
4. If I get the LNBF to work, my LNB - which I thought was a Norsat I may sell. Is it worth anything? I know it was vintage because the former BUD dealer had it on one of the demo dishes.
5. My dish. Man, trees grow fast! I am on G5 (CNN/TBS/TNT). I guess anything lower I would get the sparklies. Notice the tree that lost its life due to the PBS channel last summer. I am glad I did because it would affect the W5 reception!


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May 18, 2004
Lizella, Georgia Republic
If the BSC421 has a scaler ring with it, you can remove the scaler ring/feedhorn assembly in your pictures and use the scaler ring that came with the BSC421. That feedhorn doesn't look like it's adjustble with the scaler ring, it looks to be made together/one piece? Some scaler rings (maybe most) have multiple holes to bolt up to different assemblies. Good Luck..!!
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