Chaparral Corotor ii waveguide elbow

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Nov 8, 2011
I was searching the forum for an answer to this question. Could not find it.
Is the waveguide elbow that comes with the Corotor ii plus really necessary? or will it work fine without it?
The instructions that come with it implies that you do not need to use it. Says:
"If not using the supplied elbow insert both waveguide gaskets in the C band assembly"

So is that supply elbow necessary?
Waveguide angle adapters have insertion loss. Usually they are used to reduce the physical size of the feedhorn assembly to minimize shadowing the reflector or to be able to fit inside a cover.

Personally, I only install an adapter when using a cover. On larger dishes, not much percentage of reflector is shadowed by a LNB mounted to the side. Also, many LNBs are a fraction of the size of legacy units and present a much smaller shadow.

Edit: Magic Static types much faster than I do! LOL
Thank you both for the information. This type of knowledge is not found in the internet. Appreciate your help
Please reply by conversation.

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