Cinema connection kit + wireless video bridge issues

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May 7, 2018
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So we just got our cinema connection kit in the mail and I went to go hook it up and the instructions explain how to hook up the Cinema connection kit to the TV and the wireless video bridge explains how to hook it up to my TV, bit I can't find any information anywhere on how to connect them both up to the same TV; or is this not even possible/necessary?
I've been trying to figure this out since last night with no success whatsoever. Not only that, but now I can't get either one to work by itself either now and needless to say I'm starting to get quite frustrated and decided to sign up + post this thread before I began throwing around the equipment in a fit of rage and confusion so any help on the matter would be waaaaaay waaaaay super-awesome; thank y'all very much
DirecTV cinema kit the adapter to get the wireless internet from your router/modem? If it's like that the wireless video bridgB suppose to have 2 coax barrels behind 1 for input and another for output then you begin the wireless process via the box.

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Both connect to the coax to join the network. You can use the input/output if the device has two coax ports, or use a splitter and hook them up just like a receiver is hooked up to the main splitter.
If you have the newer Genie (can't recall if the HR34 does this) you can just connect your network to the Ethernet port and forego the cinema connection device completely as the Genie will connect the whole home network.
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