Cinemax Nabs War Drama From 'Boiler Room's' Ben Younger - EW (1 Viewer)

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The premium network is prepping a drama, titled Signal, from Boiler Room writer/director Ben Younger. The hour-long entry is inspired by true events and will look inside the clandestine world of military contracting during the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

Specifically, Signal will center on a young man who launches a propaganda business in the Middle East and gets rich on the back of millions of dollars of US Government contracts. Younger will write and executive produce, with Electus' Ben Silverman and Sean Canino joining him as EPs.

“What drew me to this story was the opportunity to look at a decade-long conflict this country was knee deep in, from a totally unique perspective. From the specific perspective of a few people who were there, both on the ground in Baghdad, and in Crystal City navigating the world of contractors this war spawned,” Younger tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Signal comes at a time when Cinemax continues to bulk up its high-end originals, with Banshee and Strike Back already on the schedule. The network will add Steven Soderbergh’s drama The Knick, starring Clive Owen, later this summer.
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