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Dec 1, 2007
I had a professional install my 85cm dish (on a DMSi SG2100) at my new residence last year. He claimed at the location the dish was installed that I should have line of sight from AMC 6 (72.0W) to AMC 7 (137W). He used a compass type device that you look through and it shows elevation as well. What are these called and is there a cheap one that's not junk?

I have an Invacom QPH-031. I am able to get as low as 72W, but cannot get above 119W. Last year I was occasionally able to get very weak Q on 121W, but not anymore. I thought the first night I was first messing with the motor that I had managed to get G13 (127W), but since then I can't get above 119W. I'm sure my motor is tracing the arc rather accurately because I'm able to get every ku sat between 72W and 119W.

I really want to get whatever sat is at 123W these days and want to verify that my dish is able to get line of sight and it's just an aiming issue, or if the sat installer erroneously told me I could get line of sight up to 137W (I reailze there's no ku sats between 129W and 137W).


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Jul 21, 2005
If you want something as an end-user and don't want to give an arm and a leg, there is also the AF1 Compass and Clinometer Professional Satellite Site Survey Tool:up.

It's actually very neat. One end is the clinometer and the other end is a compass. They are very accurate. Prob. one of the best site survey tools for satellite installation you've ever used!


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Aug 24, 2005
Port Hope, ON Canada
I really want to get whatever sat is at 123W these days and want to verify that my dish is able to get line of sight

Use the satellite calculator located from THE LIST page. Once you get your magnetic heading, hold your compass away from any metal (i.e. watch, belt buckle) and sight your compass picking an object on your horizon to point at. Then build one of the inclinometers that were previously discussed here. (search for inclinometer) any you will be able to tell if you have a line of sight issue or not.

Satellite Angle Calculator - SatelliteGuys.US
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