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Oct 17, 2015
Ok, So I recently signed up for Direct TV - It took me a few weeks to get my patio cover retrofitted to make enough space for the dish. Done.

After they placed the dish, I realized the two year agreement they put me on was a lie, pricing wise. I canceled next day within the 24 hour period they grilled me like I was in prison. But I am out of any contract with them, but fresh dish still stands, they did not want it back..

I have no contract, but they left the dish as my responsibility. Since new unit NO SWM installed in line, maybe that is now directly inside equipment these days. What to do now?

They gave me Main Genie DVR and mini genie. I have to return those.

My Dad has a Pre-genie model, just a box, no DVR, SWM-1 input (but my setup does not have a pre-line SWM). Does not work with current setup. Changing Dish setups in Menu reports cannot find SWM,I cannot figure it out.

Where do I go from here. I can box off of my dad just don't know if I should order a SWM inline power or purchase a DVR Genie for $300 from his account and place it to tune.

Frankly and bluntly, I'd suggest backing away from the keyboard and taking a 10-second breather. You're saying a number of things and running them all together, which suggests that you're freaking out.

After doing that, the reality is that if there are any devices that require a SWiM device (which is really quite a great device, IMO), you will have to install one of those devices. It's not complicated to install it; the most difficult thing about it is to make sure that the power inserter is actually inserted in the right direction, else you'll fry components. Or, there is a SWiM-equivalent satellite component that can be installed on the dish that does the same thing; I'm not quite as familiar with that device.

Beyond that, yes, you need to get the equipment back to DirecTV as soon as you can (per whatever the timing is), else you'll be charged for them (see the EULA/contract for details).

Regarding any other devices that you bring into the mix, simply realize that they will still have to be activated on someone's account, which means a contract and lease fees, no matter whether those devices were actually bought outright or not. DirecTV now only supports a lease structure for all devices. Further, you might run into some interference with CSRs at DirecTV if you try to get the other devices activated but not on your account; I'm not sure how DirecTV responds to folks activating devices that might be in physically separate locations.

The reality of the situation is that the Genie setup is far superior to most other vendor setups for video consumption, in my educated opinion. Therefore, I'd recommend submitting to the 2-year contractual agreement, but be nice about it. Quit treating DirecTV like they're the enemy (because believe me, after over a decade experience with them, they're not, especially when compared to other providers) and I think you'll come away with a better experience.
So, I read thru the OP's post and he said that D* lied to him about his commitment and pricing ... but never said how.

Can't give advice if we don't know what happened.
I'd venture to guess (and might get in rhetorical trouble for doing so) that the OP didn't want to have to get into a contractual obligation with a company (hence my sensing their frustration over the entire process and seemingly negative attitude at DirecTV).

If this is the case, then I'd respond by saying that DirecTV is not obligated to make sure anyone is happy with the contract model of business; they are there to provide a service, the individual must choose whether or not such conditions are worth it to the individual. I'll go further by saying that the only difference between the contractual obligation that DirecTV requires versus the non-contractual obligation that AT&T requires for wireless service (for example) is that the individual outright owns the device on AT&T; they don't own the device with DirecTV. This way, AT&T stays out of a contract, but the opportunity cost is that the individual must completely buy out a financial agreement to have no obligation of any sort.

As I said, I could be wrong, but I'm willing to bet not.
Shouldn't this thread be closed, as the OP is looking for help in account stacking?
Thats debatable as to closing the thread, kinda depends on Scott and staff.

Personally, I'm still waiting to hear how D* LIED to him.

Looks like the OP hasn't been back on the site since his original post.
Doubt he'll be back to respond.
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