Contest: Win a Titanium Satellite ASC1 and your Choice of a Servo or PLL LNBF

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  1. I want to win the ASC1 and a C1W-PLL ...
    Im not sure of the diference between a W and plane c1-pll .... i have a 9.5' what looks like a radioshack or sears with a C/Ku feed and skew motor ....



    Such fun to remove but its home waiting for the pole to be planted !!!
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  2. Brian,

    I'm not here to enter the contest, but rather to thank you for helping promote this hobby through contests like this.

  3. I could use it on a 10' dish. The other LNBs I have bought from you in the past are working well.
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  4. I want to win the ASC1 and CW2-PLL - Ill pay the difference. :)

    Thanks for the Contest Titanium.
    I recently hooked up an 8' and will use it on that.

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  5. I want to win the ASC1 and Magic Static doohicky.

    I'd use it on my 10ft dish and retire the current mover - a GI 650.
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  6. "I want to win the ASC1 and C1-PLL."

    Would be an upgrade from my current setup and allow the planting of a rescued six footer.
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  7. I want to win the ASC1 and a C1W-PLL ,
    And 20170713_171202.jpg Thanks for all that you do here!
  8. I want to win the ASC1 and the OHR Adapter. I will be using the combination to move my 12FT Paraclipse!

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  9. I want to win the ASC1 and OHR adapter to use on my 12' Conifer. No pictures right now cause I took it down to move it down to my parents house.
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  10. Oooh, I'm jealous of that beautiful 10' + solid dish..
  11. I want to win the ASC1 and a C1-PLL .

    I recently acquired a 12' paraclipse I want to get going.
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  12. I want to win the ASC1 and C1W-PLL!

    I'd use the ASC1 for a disassembled Winegard Pinnacle that needs to be scanning the skies again! The C1W-PLL would be sweet to replace an old generic c-band LNBF that has trouble with certain transponders!

    Thanks Titanium for the contest!!

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  13. I want to win the ASC1 and Servo Motor. I can't get enough of this hobby. I will always have a dish pointed to the southern sky. My 10ft Orbitron has been my C/Ku band rock since 1994. My weakest link within my Satellite system is my dish mover. I'm using a GBox dish mover and Von Weise 24" actuator. These units have been moving my 10 footer since I shelved my Motorola DSR-922 many years ago now. The ASC1 would breath new life into the heart of my FTA satellite system. Thanks so much for the contest. Chad's Sat Dish 4.JPG
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  14. I want to win the ASC1 and a C1-PLL.

    The ASC1 will move and the C1-PLL will be installed in one of the two 10' dishes I will be installing this fall at my place. One aquired recently and the other one back in 2008, almost 9 years ago!
    I got the one from 2008 when I was about to graduate from school, shortly after I moved to start my career and the project got put on hold. I stored the dish at my dad's house where it is still waiting for me to pick it up now that I live in a place that has the space to install it.
    Thank you for this contest ans best of luck to everyone.


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  15. I want to win the ASC1 and a C1-pll. The ASC1 would be for the second C-band dish I have. It isn't motorized now. I already have one ASC1 set up and love it. P1010496.JPG
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  16. I'd like to win the asc1 and c1-pll. I could use it for a spun 8' aluminum dish or 10' mesh. Thanks for the contest.
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  17. I want to win the asc1 and Servo Polarity Motor. If I win, then asc1 will be turning 1.8m Channel Master dish (yellow-squared on the picture) via Ajak Patriot mover (I am working on it now). And Servo motor ....... will think about proper use of it later :)

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  18. When will the giveaway take place?
  19. Read the fine print. 31st at midnight
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  20. I want to win the asc1 and a c1 pll !!!!!!!!! have a ratshack 10 foot h2h that needs some luvin and the asc1 and c1pll are just what the doctor ordered:D
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