Coolsat 5000 motor setup?

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Jul 31, 2006
Thanks so much for your help. You guys are the best. On my coolsat motor setup page, under the satellite selection there is a selection for a freq. What do I set this for. Is this information on the LyngSat web page? :)
what do you mean?

When you set up the motor, you set it up to the satellite that is the same as your longitude (give us your location and we can tell you what your true south is)

As an example, I am at 45N 93W (Mpls, MN) so my true south is IA6 (Telstar 6). I bring up T6 and select an active transponder (Lyngsat has them listed) then aim the dish :)
Ok I think I got it 79 is close to my true north. But I was not sure about selecting the transponder. Thanks
If 79 is your true south, select one of these 2 transponders

12182 freq
H polarity
23000 symbol rate


11742 freq

Both are up 24/7 and will help aim the dish :)
"23000 symbol rate" Can this be changed on a coolsat ? If so where? Thanks

go into the manual scan and change it...but the Coolsat should have that transponder in there properly :)
Please reply by conversation.

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