Could some channels be going to low VHF after the signal auction?

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  1. To put rumors to rest, TV polarization is remaining horizontal, with the option of going elliptical or circular, as exists today. Vertical-only polarization is not allowed for TV in the US and will not be allowed in the foreseeable future.

    - Trip
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  4. Yes, *adding* a vertical component. Meaning the antenna would be elliptical or circularly polarized.

    - Trip
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  5. thanks for clearing that up.
  6. Didn't someone use spherical antennas once as a access control measure for their pay TV service? As I recall the antenna looked something like a naval mine.
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  7. Most UHF pay services used a yagi antenna cut for the station signal. This was allow for the strongest possible signal from the station
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  8. I'm familiar with the narrow-band yagis like the ones that OnTV used. This one was not a Yagi-Uda.
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  9. We'll I have not gone by a tower that a cable c , character at first it had a big vhf and 2 dish on it !!! Know when I went by it last mouth it has one more vhf added to it and then 2,UHF stacked side by side yag type ??? The 3,antennas are pointed like west and that vhf is big !!!
  10. Huh
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  11. That is just what I said to my shelf the tower is in chicopee mass by Walmart. Had to go for a 2nd look !!!!!
  12. I'm pretty sure he's rambling on about his local Charter antenna farm. You have to be acquainted with his gibberish.
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  13. Go get a real bike !!!!!lol
  14. GIBBERiSH wow did u get your low vhf antenna yet lol I got 3,&their hi &low vhf antennas 15ft long to Finney GET,LOST!!!!
  15. Yes, gibberish: unintelligible talk or writing. You should try reading one of your posts sometime.

    I've always had a full-spectrum (VHF/UHF/FM) TV antenna and have long been a proponent of not dismissing VHF simply because it wasn't "HD". Growing up I had only VHF channels and today I receive four. There's one LP station in low VHF, but I don't think I can see it at 50 miles. The full-power version is only a few miles away. I have LOS (I can see the tower lights at night) to about 15 stations and pick up a couple that are just over a hill.
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  16. I suspect Nas has some issues and is doing his best.
  17. Trip, it seems that kathrein Scala was displaying a broad panel UHF antenna at the NAB last year that was both vertical and horizontal. Are you saying that it is not legal in the United States?
  18. Horizontal + Vertical = Elliptical or Circular. Those are allowed. Vertical-only or vertical power greater than horizontal power are not.

    - Trip
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  19. OK now what does that ha ve to do with low vhf when I was a kid we had low vhf azz well azz hi vhf &UHF channel 57!! Lol with the rabbit ear's in my bed room!!!!
  20. You asked in post #53 if I had an antenna that could do low VHF.
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  21. I don't recall that but OK so what duty is it low vhf channels are we going to see 2to6???? Low vhf
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