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Jul 14, 2005
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Quite a few changes this past year with Hotch and Morgan leaving, and Prentiss returning to lead the BAU. Hard to believe, but after 13 Seasons I am still watching on a regular basis.
I watch it on Re Runs ... never watched it from the start, unfortunately, because I liked it real well ... too late to start from the beginning, with 15+ seasons.
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Dec 5, 2014
Since it's a procedural there's no reason to watch the episodes in any sort of order.

I quite watching for a few reasons, I may watch the final 10. For me the bar was set extremely high real early on in the series. S2 E7, North Mammon. To me, no episode ever came close to how good that episode was and near the end, no fictional TV show ever made me feel that gut wrenched. Plus the plot was loosely inspired by a real life case not too far away from me in Syracuse, NY. No other episode of the series came close to being that good in my opinion, and with the Mr. Scratch nonsense for a few years ago, I had no interest in continuing watching that downward spiral of a show.


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Nov 1, 2004
I think its neat that Matthew Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness stayed the entire run. They are grateful for what they have and realize that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere.

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