What are you Watching?

I'm slowly rewatching The Sopranos for the 3rd time, about 1 ep per week. Watched Pine Barrens the other night, one of the best episodes.
Watching Peaky Blinders for the first time, excellent.
Rewatching Dexter, 2nd time, with my daughter, her 1st watch.
Watching S2 of Atypical with my wife.
I watch a few current shows. BattleBots, Forged in Fire, Better Call Saul.
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Just finished:
Season 1 of Deuce on HBO Now (will hold off on season 2 until all episodes are released)

Currently watching:
Jack Ryan on Prime
Mayans and Snowfall on FX
Better Call Saul and Fear the Walking Dead on AMC
Latest seasons of Atypical and Orange Is the New Black on Netflix

On deck:
Final season of 12 Monkeys (recorded on DVR)
Iron Fist and Maniac on Netflix

I'm not ready for the new fall season yet. ;)
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Currently watching:

Suits on Netflix (as I'm just starting with Season 1)
Greenleaf (OWN)

Have to get back to
Jack Ryan (Prime) I started first episode didn't finish it

On the side
I'm watching old Quincy M.E. episodes (on Dvd)
If I had more time I would watch more than one serie:( Two weeks ago I finished Pretty Little Liars - typical teenagers serie but I really liked it. Now I am in half of the first season of the serie Dark. It is a German one. You have to watch it!
Broadcast: The Blacklist, Miracle Workers, I Am the Night, Deadly Class

Castle Rock (Hulu)
Russian Doll, Sex Education, DareDevil s.3 (Netflix)

Coming soon: American Gods and Counterpart on Starz (just signed up under a promo deal)
Been rewatching House. I find the minions more interesting the second time around. Up to s3, probably go to s5 and quit because it gets pretty dumb after that.

Also watching Hap and Leonard on Netflix. Mostly great but when it's bad, it's real bad. Still in s1.
Second season of Killing Eve starts this Sunday, preceded by a season 1 marathon on AMC and BBCA. Set your DVRs!

Also watching: season 2 of Happy (Syfy) and season 2 of American Gods (Starz)

Trying not to add too much else to my plate as I'll be signing up for HBO in a couple of weeks for some silly little show about dragons :D
Not much to watch these days, but I'm watching The Blacklist,
and also old episodes of Ironside and Police Woman,

Tonight I'll catch up on the new Twilight Zone
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