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Feb 3, 2020
I pulled my old CW700s box out of storage, ready to set it up again to see what I can pickup channel wise!
Can I use an Oval shape dish or do I need to use the same round dish from before.

Thanks for the add...HNY 2020!


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Jan 30, 2013
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That receiver is a DVB only box. It will pick up some content but it's time for an upgrade, You will be missing out on a LOT of content with that box as there are much newer standards used today like DVB-S2 . I'm not sure what you mean by oval dish but if you are talking about a DTV or DN dish you would need to change the LNB and the dish is really undersized for weaker KU signals. It MAY work but you will not pick up everything and the setup will be complicated as you will need to make a mount for a linear LNB. DN and DTV use circular LNB's.

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