Dallas/Texas Voomers Unite!


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Feb 25, 2004
I know there are a few more Voomers in the DFW area as well as the rest of Texas. Where are all my peeps at?

I am in Dallas, in the uptown area and have some major OTA issues because of the freakin' downtown buildings. I am going to RShack tonight and see what they have goin for me, but it's not looking good. Otherwise, VOOM IS DA BOMB!
Digi...did you try the SquareShooter yet? Thats going to be your best deal. RS doesnt have a thing that will help you.
Another Houston Voomer here,

I had my install last week. The tech could only get half the locals with the stealth so I just switched the coax to my roof vhf/uhf antenna. I live 30+ miles from towers and have a two story house right in the way. Now I get all except PBS (only UHF right now) occasionally drops out.
DSBALL...did they use the Stealth for you? Are you getting all the locals?
Well I started my own Thread since Tyler is not Dallas. The only OTA channels that come from Dallas for us is CBS and PBS, CBS will begin broadcasting out ot Tyler on April 1st in HD. The first HD station for Tyler... CBS 19. I'm using the stealth now, but they are installing another antenna on Fri. I pick up Fox, NBC, UPN, WB quite well (They are al broadcast from the same tower). ABC is a diffent story, it's in the complet opposite direction, straight north, the others are south, it's viewable, but ghosts alot. All of these stations I am able to pick up hooking the coax for the antenna directly to the TV tuner, non of them will show up when hooking up to the Voom STB.
Am I correct in assuming that the 4.1 and 5.1 etc channels are broadcast VHF? I have not tried the SquareShooter, but have tried the RadioShack flying saucer, the silver sensor, Terk TV55 and the Stealth. With the Stealth, while holding it today, i was able to get NBC at a 50 PQ, but as soon as i itched myself, the signal lost. With the Sensor, I got CBS and Fox pretty well, and with the Terk and RS, I got nada. Interesting that the two antenna's that cost the most picked up the least. Called Voom, got with the installer and he is coming back out on Friday to do a setup of some combination of antennas. I might have three of these puppies out there!
All digital channels out of Dallas are UHF, except for WFAA (digital channel 9-1). Fox (Ch 4) is broadcasting on 35-1, but remaps to 4-1 for example.
Steven: THANK YOU for that knowledge!!! That will help me greatly decide which antenna and where to put it!

Did you mean WFAA was 8.1? I bet I can get something VHF for that specific station for Monday Night Football, otherwise who watches ABC?

Just received a call from the honorable Joe Harkin at Installs, Inc. I was wondering if i was blown off as my original request was a week ago and he started the conversation with a heart-felt apology for his delay. Then we got down to business. After about 10 minutes of him asking some questions and my explaining the actions I have taken, we left it that he would have the installer come back out (scheduled already for Friday, believe it or not) and would bring out a SquareShooter! Amazing customer service! Voom and Install's Inc have their act together! Even if they can't get it to work, this is a quality company and what a customer service experience! GREAT JOB!!!
Definately lwt us know how the SquareShooter works out. Im thinking about getting one myself.

WFAA is broadcast on digital 9-1 (VHF), but it remaps to 8-1.
I have my Voom install scheduled for April 10th in Garland. I will let you all know how it turns out. I live in an apartment(currently with Dish) and I am approx 30 miles from most of the towers but I do have an outside antenna on the roof of the apt bldg. Thanks for the info so far.
Maybe this is what they are bringing out for me on Friday as well. Just curious, if you unhook the coax for the antenna from your Voom STB and hook it directly to your TV Tuner, do you pick up the locals any better?
I had Voom installed about 1 month ago and am very happy with it. I did have to have my STB replaced after one week and the new box has been flawless. I also had to have the stealth antenna replace with a winegard. Now getting all the locals OTA.
Voom has been very good and have paid for all the equipment. I am located in Aubry about 20 miles N. of Dallas
I'm in the Far North Fort Worth area, Park Glen. I've had VOOM since Dec 21st. I like it but my wife hates it.

I've got the Stealth antenna installed in my attic and I get ALL the local channels mapped on VOOM. I get a little bit of pixation on PBS sometimes and every once in a while one of the channels will just drop out (I usually figure it's transmitter problems) but generally I get good reception. Dish washout is pretty bad, a light rain will knock out the dish reception.

I only have two HDTVs but I've had five VOOM boxes so far. I had to have two replaced because of freeze ups before the complete box change out a few weeks ago. My wife keeps complaining about one of the new boxes and I'm afraid it's going to have to be replaced soon.

I had to pay over $1000 for my two boxes initially but I havn't paid a cent since then. I figure with the rebate I got I'm going to be getting almost a years worth of free programming. Those that signed up before I did will be getting over a years worth of free programming.
msnyder: i am able to see a little bit of a station here and there but with a lot of ghosting. SquareShooter should eliminate the ghosting, and the way I wedged the silver sensor between the wall and railing I got Fox perfectly today. weird.

I had to talk to Joe at Installs about the SquareShooter, so i seriously doubt you will get one by default. it's one of the most expensive ota's out there, from what I can gather, so to get one is a an act of kindness, not a standard.

Install of the SS is set for Friday, i will let everyone know what happens, I am guessing it will be canceled b/c Metro Tech hasn't received it yet.
Update: Rescheduled for Wednesday, SquareShooter will be delivered on Monday to the installer and then a day to be safe, he will be out on wednesday am.
Are you in Longview, in an apartment? I talked the MetroTech today also, they told me about a guy in Longview getting a SS, I asked them about one, they are bringing out a different one for me. I need a bi-directional, so they ordered me a rotor. Will install the antenna tomorrow, but are going to ship me the Rotor on Wednesday and let me install it myself. I didn't want to reschedule. I really like MetroTech, they really make sure you are happy. Good job...
I am in Dallas, maybe there are lots of us that need the SS, they are a quality install company though, good luck with your install, if you get JC between 9 and 1, that was my time, I'll see him on Wednesday!

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