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Sep 19, 2005
I talked with a D* installer yesterday (we talked in a parking lot at nite) and he said he was actively installing the 5 LNB dish at Denver houses in anticipation of the Denver HD locals going live on May 1. I'm hearing we will receive the 4 networks (NBC, CBS, ABS and Fox) and Channels 2 & 20 would not be offered.

He said D* was calling their customers to schedule installations and as much as I would like the Denver HD locals soon , it seems the best advice would be to hold out until the HD recorder becomes available.

Any updates regarding Denver HD locals and also, when a “technically solid” HD DVR will be available to existing customers.


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May 20, 2004
Spokane, WA
If you want Denver locals in HD, your best bet is Comcast. D* will provide the big 4 in Mary like the guy said, however, the HD TiVo that I now own was more than 1 year behind its target delivery date. I would expect the same for this one, and if it is anything like the R15 ... I will not be getting MPEG4 LIL services before 2008 from D* even though I too am in the Denver Market.
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