Did anyone else recently lose Rangers games?

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Sep 12, 2005
Has this happened to anyone else and/or can anyone explain it to me?

I have the TotalChoice package, have had it for over a year.
All season long (+ last year) I've received Rangers games when they were on Fox Sports SW, channel 643

by the way, I live in Flower Mound, TX 75028

coincidentally (?????) aproximately Sep 1 I came home from work and had NO local channels, nothing between 1-100.
I called and they got things back on. A day later I discovered I wasn't getting 643, spent half an hour with CS and finally they figured out that the Rangers game was blacked out, sure enough as soon as the game was over, I got 643.
Every Rangers game since then has been "blacked out"!

DTV Tells me it's blacked out in my zip code.
Funny thing is, my ex who lives in the same zip code, 2 blocks away gets the Rangers just fine on the same channel, but through Comcast basic cable. I've never heard of sports being blacked out just for one service! I also know someone in the DFW metroplex, but different zip, who still gets the Rangers on channel 643

I have trouble believing that just about a week ago, the Rangers and/or MLB and/or FSN just now started blacking them out here.

I've received the Rangers games on 643 for over a year until about 2 weeks ago when I suddenly lost local channels (coincidence!)

Anyone also had this happen or know what happened?

What channel is it on... Comcast that is.

If it's available on any local broadcast station (Over the Air) it will be blacked out.
I think my son said it was channel 36, but he said it's Fox Sports SW.
the local channels that broadcast the rangers are 4 and 27, neither of which are showing them

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