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Jan 6, 2009
tiverton ri
i'm looking at buying a 4dtv receiver can some one tell me if there is a differance between the 920 & 922 beside the age?

i know there is the life thing on the battery but is there much more?

is the battery harder to change in the 920 or the 922?

do they all come with the videocipher descramber modum or is that added on?

is there a reason for some having blue boards and some having red boards?

what should i be looking for, if anything. or are they all the same.:confused:
Hi Do a search, there are more threads on this.
There are probably more knowledgeable people here than me.
The 920 began about 1998 and was discontinued about 2003.
The 922 started about 2001 and I think was discontinued in 2007.
I'm sure there will be some out there that will be correcting me.
So that gives you an approximate time frame and history of the 4dtv
Both machines are getting along in years. Motorola now holds the patent
rights for the 4dtv and shows no signs of continuing the breed.
So unless we keep up the battery vigil they will be dying out.

I would say the 922 will be more difficult for the battery change proceedure.
DSR-922 Battery Replacement Instructions

I think there are a few more channels that the 922 can receive but not many.
Some of the various programming sites can fill you in on this.

Satellite receiver ltd
Satellite programming service.
(And Probably more)

Probably someone on this site can help filling in more details.
One difference is with the 922 as well as the 905 sidecar receiver is that you have additional symbol rates to decode channels. That gives access to subbing to additional channels not available to the 920 models.
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