Difference between HR21 PRO and HR24 HD DVRS

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Feb 26, 2007
What is the difference between the hr 21 pro and the hr 24 i know the hr 24 does 1080p has software been downloaded to the hr21 pro to get 1080pp and does it get 3d and the new hd interface
all hd boxes will eventually get the black ui, and for now the ce provides it on applicable nights. the 21pro is owned only i know, and rack mountable, there are some other threads on this, search is your friend. I would take the 24, or better yet 34 over the 21pro however.
The Hr21 pro handles HD, and 1080p, and has the new GUI. But the Hr24 has a larger drive, and is significantly faster.
what size is the hard drive in the hr21pro and what size is in the hr24 and does the hr21pro do 3dtv
Both the HR21Pro and HR24 have a 500GB hard drive.

Main difference just pro is owned, so you can upgrade internal drive if you want, and it has a stronger cooling system (two fans).
HR24 is a couple years newer, and has faster operations (faster processors/memory/etc).

Both will do 3D, the new HD interface, software wise pretty much the same.
ditto to what jason crandall said. i have both. as far as i know the pro won't do 1080p while the hr24 will.

btw, i have a leased and owned 24. i bought the owned 24 from someone who formerly worked for dtv. if i want to spend $500, i can buy the leased 24 which i got as a free upgrade when i came back to dtv last november.

the 21 does have gold plated inputs.
Well if I bout it for $279.00 this includes shipping should I jump on it I have a h 24 non dvr which does 1080 p plus 2 h 23 non dvr which don't look like it does 1080p but solid signal plus directv both told me the h 23. Does 1080 p now cause it got a software download that's why I was wondering if the hr21 pro got the download also. Also if the drive went bad could I take it out and replace it myself or just disconnect it and be able to still use as a plain hd receiver cause I heard if the drive ever goes bad then the receiver won't work at all.
Yes, buy I'm not aware the pro does 1080p. Mine got the new software upgrade this morning. Other than getting pandora, I'm not sure what else is in the upgrade.
Also will the hr21 pro work with a swim setup
Practically speaking the HR21P is functionally identical to the HR22. The OWLink receiver that allows you to use the fiber optic HDMI connection appears to have been discontinued.

All features of the HR21 and HR22 are supported plus a couple that you probably can't or won't use.

Yes, this includes WB68 and SWiM compatibility.
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