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Apr 7, 2007
I have recently upgraded to a hd tv. I get a decent amount of channels but I have one analog in Windsor I pick up and it is analog. The signal seems great but it comes in grainy as heck. I tried it on a regular crt tv and the same. I would love to watch this cbc channel clear but can not for the life of me figure out why it is so grainy?
I wondered if it could be the antenna as it is for hd basically? CBC channel 9
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Oct 19, 2004
Lubbock, Texas
Can you run a TVFool report at using your exact street address or using the maps satellite image, place the marker exactly where your antenna is located.

This will give all of us an idea of the signal strengths you are experiencing.

I presume you are in northern Ohio or eastern Michigan somewhere?

What antenna do you have, any pre-amps/amplifiers, gow long is the cable from antenna to TV?

Looks like CBET uses a polarized broadcast pattern with attenuation to the south.

Remember analog signals become grainy as the signal weakens, digital signals just drop off the cliff (GONE) when the signal drops below the level needed to assemble a viewable picture.
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Jan 18, 2007
analog will look grainy compared to digital.
Not really. Analog won't be as clear/sharp as digital, the grain comes from poor signal level/quality.

The OP has the same results on both his HDTV and his SDTV. He wants to know if his "HD" antenna is the cause. Nobody here has straightened him out about HD antennas and I am surprised.

ELMWOOD, There is no such thing as a 'HD' antenna. There are only UHF & VHF antennas and has been that way for the last 50+ years. The tern 'HD' was added to sell antennas only, otherwise known as marketing hype.

The reason for the one channel being so grainy, ergo such a lousy signal, is simple. The ONLY way a station can remain analog in the United States today, is if it is a LOW POWER station. This is because they generally have such a low viewership that they cannot afford to convert to digital. The only way to get decent reception is for you to get a better antenna, a pre-amp or move closer to their tower.

Usually, you can watch CBC or CBC type programming on another channel that is digital. Depending on your location of course. You can also subscribe to cable or satellite, or even get your own C &/or Ku band satellite dish and receiver and get more religious stations for free than you will be able to use.

Hope this explains enough for you. If not then feel free to come back and ask more questions and we will try to be of some help for you.

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Nov 17, 2003
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Usually, you can watch CBC or CBC type programming on another channel that is digital. Depending on your location of course.
CBET (CBC Windsor) has a digital allocation (35) but is not on the air yet and from the CBC probably wont until 2011 ;)
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