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Dec 4, 2006
what do you need to have "digital channels"?

i have the digital setup thingy..but when i click search for channels, it says none i need an antenna, sattelite? i dont have digital cable..i just have regular standard time warner cable..

i am currently using Video 6 as my cable box channel. i can also watch it from "3" but its not as clear. i am currently hooked up with a hdmi cable from my tv to dvi from my cable box..

help me out here
You're not giving us much here. If I understand correctly your cable box is connected via HDMI to your HDTV. You're also running the cable out from the box to the HDTV. With this setup you're trying to run a channel scan on your HDTV.

If my assumptions are correct, then you're not going to find any channels except for channel 3 on a channel scan. You will need to split the cable between the wall and your cable box and run this second line directly to your HDTV.

You should have some digital channels with your cable box connected via HDMI, so i'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. Can you be more specific as to what your problem is?

Can you also provide the make and model of your cable box along with your location?
the problem is, that i cant find any digital channels.

what do you mean by split the cable between the wall and cable box and run the second line directly to my tv?
So your complaint, which you didn't expand on in any way, is that when you run a channel scan on your HDTV you cannot find any digital channels. Is that correct?

Can you provide more information on your problem? Am I close to understanding your problem?

So the cable comes out of the wall and probably runs directly to your cable box. You need to get two more pieces of cable and a cable splitter. So split the cable out of your wall and run one of the two lines to the HDTV and the other line to your cable box.

Also, please provide your location and cable box make and model.
yes, u got the problem right..when i run a channel scan my hdtv finds no digital channels.

houston tx. time warner cable.
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250HD
Ok, good to know. Splitting the cable should solve your problem, but your HDTV probably won't find any more channels than your cable box will since most of the "good" ones are encrypted. You should be able to find your local digital channels, but not much of anything reliable beyond that.

What is your goal in tuning digital channels with your HDTV rather than with your cable box?

According to the TWC channel lineup, should find your digital locals on 305-323 on your cable box with only subbing to "basic" service. You also should find TNT-HD, Discovery HD Theater, and FSN-HD on "standard cable."
cable box has digital channels?

well some guy said that with hdmi, i wont get nothing but a better digital channel/video signal..
The channel scan on your TV is for over-the-air signals from an antenna. You will need to connect an antenna to the RF input on your TV and then do a scan. Some cable companies pass some local digital channels through unencrypted, so you can try splitting the coax coming out the wall and run one to your TV (the other one goes to the cable box as it does now). If you then do a scan you may pick up a few "free" channels.

And digital channels can be a bit confusing when it comes to cable. Digital cable is not the same as digital TV, or HDTV.

I'm not a TWC subscriber but the box you have is an HDTV box, so I find it odd you have this box and only analog cable. Are you sure about this? What is the highest channel number you get?
I don't know how your discussion went with "some guy," but sure, digital cable boxes have some/all digital channels. I don't know if Houston has 100% digital cable, but someone in your local market should be able to answer that question for me. Generally any channel above 100 will be a digital channel.

Your cable box will probably give you the best picture possible. Check my previous post about channels you might want to check out.

Enjoy the game tonight

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