Directv DECA Problem

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Dec 16, 2011
I switched from cable to DTV and at the same time switched internet access. Since I did this my VOIP service sucks. My question is how much access does the DTV use the internet access? Could this contribute to the phone / internet problem?
Not sure about how much data D* uses, but if you are tech savvy, you could adjust your QOS settings in your router to give your VOIP priority. I did this with my OOMA (VOIP box) and no matter how hard I stress my Internet connection, my VOIP is perfect.
Who do you have for VOIP & who is your ISP now? DECA should not interfere with your VOIP(I have Vonage),find out what your IP address is for your VOIP device,& then set it up as your default DMZ server on your router.
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