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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Claude Greiner, Aug 12, 2019.

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    So I called Directv back in June and the agent talked me into the Premier protection plan.

    So my Tv blew up last night. Big spark and Boom!

    My 63 inch Samsung plasma is toast.

    Anyone file a claim under this before?
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    Yes, I have had 3 Ipads, Two TV's and an AVR repaired under it. Worth every penny. They will send a tech out to diagnose and attempt to fix it. As long as the screen isnt cracked they will try to fix it if parts are available. If they are not or it can't be fixed then they will email you with replacement options, usually two choices, and you pick one and a few weeks later the replacement arrives at your doorstep.

    They will attempt to repair it 3 times unless the tech demes it unrepairable. After the third time, they will determine it a lemon and give you a replacement option.

    The options they give you will be comparable to the model you have, or what's currently on the market. They replaced a 1080P set with a 4K one for me so it's like getting a free upgrade. For those who don't have it. I recommend it. They will replace or fix anything that you can watch DirecTV on within reason. There is a yearly replacement limit. I have had the DPPP for over four years now, and make sure that if anything is broken, that we get it covered and pay the 50 dollar deductable.
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    I have it also, and I second what he said almost, I have had 4 computers fixed and my main tv in the den, the only hassle I had was my tv was only a 40 inch tv so I had to send it back because it was to small for a tech to come out, but I ended up with a 50 inch 4k Samsung they sent me , my old one was a 40 inch Sharp hd, so for me personally it is worth it.

    PS : I also have the accident coverage witch has helped on a laptop repair.

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