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Mar 17, 2004
I have an older RCA model receiver for my directv service and I have been living with a delay from the time I switch channels until the time the actual channel shows up for years. Right now there is about a 3 to 4 second delay from the time I push the channel up button until the actual channel is on my tv. I am thinking of upgrading to the HD content along with getting a new HD receiver in the near future and I am curious if this delay is still showing up on new receivers.
How old is your receiver what is the model number? Remember when Directv started 10 years ago the first RCA receivers were only 8 bit processors. Over the years they have used 8,16 & 32 bit processors so speed has changed.
I have the same problem, mine is 9 years old, not to mention while watching any program the screen will go black for about 15 seconds then be ok. I'm going to a new dtivo soon
sharpie, do you even have an HDTV to upgrade for? I see so many people who talk about upgrading and think that their current analog set will somehow give them better PQ if they just upgrade to an HD receiver. I hope you are not one of them.
directv receiver

Yes, I already have a toshiba hd ready television set. If anyone knows if the hd receivers have this delay I would appreciate knowing this. thanks
All digital systems have a slight delay allowing the picture to build instead of showing blocks of color. With my Samsung, Hughes, and DISH receivers it seems to be 3-4 seconds of black before the picture displays.
I sell DIRECTV equipment in a wholesale environment and have not seen a 3-4 second lag on channel change is several years.

3-4 seconds upon initial power up or whatever, yes, but channel up or down - no Way!
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