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Dec 31, 2006

Disc, a German optical disc storage manufacturer, has revealed a jukebox-style Blu-ray archiver named "Blu-safe". The device, which can hold up to 15 Blu-ray discs, connects to a computer via USB and can store up to 750GB of storage. An advantage of using the Blu-safe over similar hard drive based storage is that it uses up to 80% less energy to operate.

Additionally, the unit will be upgradeable as the storage capacity of Blu-ray discs is increased. Current roadmaps show Blu-ray Discs will one day be able to store up to 400GB per disc.

Final details are still being worked out, but when the unit becomes available, it will most likely retail for €3000. No release date has been announced at this time.

Source: ZDNet (UK) | Permalink
More cool stuff coming our way :)
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