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Apr 15, 2006
South Carolina
As you all know, I posted a problem I was having with Disceq switches going out ( I lost a good 4-5 switches in a 5-6 wk. period). Hopefully I have solved the problem. With the help of 2 people and all of you.

1) After posting my problem here, I got 2 PM's very quickly thereafter. One was from Tim with dmsiusa.com--he stepped up and sent me a switch that I received within 2 days. Unfortunately it blew as well. He then asked me for a copy of my hookups/diagram, and he sent me what I needed, FREE. This was a big help seeing I had spent so much $$$ over a 5-6 week period. System works great with his help, no problems. (Knock on wood!) This guy is a great help and I encourage you all to try his products out. He is very helpful as well, thank you! :bow

2) I got a second pm from SatelliteAV, one of the gold sponsors, who also sent me a GeoSatPRO switch also FREE. This one works great on my system as well. I have switched both switches out and both work well. No problems out of either one. :clap

Ending result, I have FTA setup Invacom LNBF and a c-band dish connected through the switches both of them sent me and I have a great working setup now with hopefully no problems!! (Except rain and heavy fog which are my worst enemies here in the south!)

Overall, I just wanted to let you guys with Disecq problems be aware of how greatful these 2 people was and how good there products are. I hope this helps you all when selecting what equipment you need. Once again I do want to thank them and thank them by letting you guys and gals know that these are good people too!!

-jself1982 :hatsoff:

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AMAZING story, we certianly have the CREAM of the crop here in the SatelliteGuys.US FTA forum!

:up :up :up :up :up :up :up :up :up
I am just glad to see good people doing good things for others. It just don't happen much anymore and I didn't want it to go unknown that this kind of help and goodness is STILL out there.
this is a great story , glad you followed up and posted back for us.. we do have some excelent sponsors and members in general. and it good to know that they stand up...
Thanks for the kind words jself1982. I think it would be good for members to know what was causing your unusual problem. It might save the next guy a lot of time, money and aggravation.
After I saw the wiring diagram, the problem was obvious to me. Although, it seemed like a very logical way of doing it.
There was a all ports passive splitter on the LNBF side of the DiSEqC switch to allow connection to a analog receiver. Unfortunately that splitter was back feeding power to the switch.
To solve this problem I sent him a splitter that was one port passive and one port blocking to stop the flow of power to the DiSEqC switch..... and of course another new switch. As long as this splitter holds up, it should solve the elusive problem of switches burning out.
Hope this helps, Tim
posts like this one is great and needed, it does show the type of people behind the sponsorship, and that should help people decide who to endorse, i can personally add that brian and SatAv are compassionate, i will be posting a story that will blow everyone away..
MrTim also seems great , and his concern with still wanting to get the facts of the problem out shows his genuine concern.
i would love to see that diagram , i can see that being a future problem for me and i am sure others which i would like to avoid...and as MrTim points out, would save the next guy the misery!
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