Equity adds another station...maybe on FTA?


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Was reading that Equity added a RTN station in of all places, Scottsbluff Nebraska

New station KTUW-DT/16 (Scottsbluff) has applied for a license to cover, meaning it's signed on or will soon. Owner Equity Broadcasting's website says KTUW is using the company's "Retro Television Network" brand. KTUW-DT, which has no analog counterpart, is only broadcasting at 5.2kW for now.

Don't know if we'll see it on FTA or not....
Scott honestly you ain't missing much. I had a C-Band dish at G3 for it around the 4th of July and it repeated so much

Couldn't take much more of ABBA and the Fresh Prince's "gittin jiggy with it"
Youtube is suppossed to releasing a lot of music videos in near future, if they haven't already done so...
Scott honestly you ain't missing much. I had a C-Band dish at G3 for it around the 4th of July and it repeated so much

Couldn't take much more of ABBA and the Fresh Prince's "gittin jiggy with it"

I picture something like this on the request line.

Host: Who am I speaking to?

Caller: This is Darryl from Little Rock.

Host: Darryl what would you like to hear tonight on Retro Jams

Caller: I'd like to hear something from David Bowie

Host: I'm sorry, we don't have anything from Bowie, anything else you'd like to hear?

Caller: Yeah, how about something from Eric Clapton

Host: I'm sorry, we don't have anything from Clapton, anything else you'd like to hear?

Caller: That's too bad, how about a video from the Rolling Stones, maybe a live concert?

Host: No, Stones

Caller: Golding Earing?

Host: Sorry, fresh out

Caller: The Knack?

Host: Ummmm. let me take a look. Sorry, nothing from the Knack

Caller: The Police? U2?

Host: Nope, don't get much call for those.

Caller: Are you serious? That's some of the most popular music of the 80s. What do people request?

Host: Mellencamp

Caller: Great, how about you play something from John Mellencamp

Host: Sorry, lent it out.

Caller: You do take video requests don't you?

Host: Of course! This is a video request show. What video would you like to see?

Caller: How about London Calling from the Clash?

Host: Yes, we do have something from the Clash. Its a bootleg, so its a little rough.

Caller: Great, well then lets see it.

Host: Its really rough.

Caller: No problem, I'd really like to see it.

Host: Well, its probably a little rougher than you'd like.

Caller: I don't care how $#%%ing rough it is, play it.

Host: Sorry, the vcrs eaten it.

Any other request? Are you by any chance a Rick James Fan?

Caller: Who is?

Host: Do you like ABBA?

Caller: Are you serious?

Host: How about something from the Gap Band?

Caller: Who? You can take that microphone and stick it up your @#$

Host: How about "Safety Dance"? Haven't played that in ages?

Caller: This show is $%%#ed .

Host: We have an online request from Susie in Cheyenne, she'd like to hear some Gary Numan followed by the Fresh Prince and then some ABBA.
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other than the Sunday night request show on a couple of the RTN stations, the rest is just videos.

when they first came out and I saw "thehumpty dance" I was stoked. But twice in 4 hours and I got burned out quickly

The Tube is much better
I like the tube as well, but the tube does not play enough videos from the 80's for my liking. :)

The Tube also seems to play a few songs an hour of which I have never heard before.

The problem with RetroJams was that Dancing Queen by Abba was played every hour or so. :)
I miss The Tube. Gotta get someones "antique, ancient, ugly dish from like the 80's" before they throw it out :)

Then maybe I'll get my Tube back :D
some TV stations are carrying it on a digital subchannel. Our local CW/WB is carrying it :)
Bad news here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, We lost The Tube Music channel thanks to the sale of KASA-DT to LIN Broadcasting Company!:(

The former owner was Raycom Broadcasting Company.

I am hoping some local stations here will pick up The Tube Music channel but very unlikly.:(
Unfortunately, for now at least, it looks like New Orleans has no Tube digital subchannels. Baton Rouge has had it for awhile now.

Haven't watched since it disappeared from G-10R about a year ago. Has the format changed, or is it still the great music video channel it was?
its pretty much the same. I watch it on our local CW subchannel

They've added a few more "live" or concert type videos but its pretty much the same channel :)
I just noticed on there C-band mux on G3, the TP that's usually blank, with occassional INN feeds, has a test pattern on it. The last time I scanned that mux, whenever that was, this channel scanned as "Utility", so maybe it's nothing. But, then again, maybe the new RTN station will go here?

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