DISH sent me a new smartcard today


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Sep 7, 2003
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I have never seen a post on this.

I've been a Dish customer for just over three years.....DISH sent me a new smartcard for my 6000 today, and said I must install in next 2-3 weeks.

Any idea why they are doing this?


All receivers? Won't that be pretty expensive? Why would they do that to all receivers? Just kinda curious and don't understand. Something to do with all the hacked cards out there or something?
They were supposed to swap them all out last year and never did, I guess they are about a year behind. I remember Charlie stating a year ago on the Charlie Chat that he was going to have a smart card swap out. The old card is blue with multiple channel logos on it (a lot of them old logos that are no longer and have not been used for a good while) while the new card is yellow and states Dish 500 on it. All receivers will not need a card swapout because some of them already have the new cards or do not have a card inside (they have the card slot but the chip is built inside) if they have 11 or 22 in their model numbers in which are the newest ones. They may target customers they suspect of hacking or certain receivers that may be getting hacked the most. This should help a good bit.

Are they asking for the old cards back? That would be another good way of catching the hackers. I would suspect that I have lost some business and money myself because of hacking. I had too many people that came up with the money for the satellite systems not pay one bill and I have heard of people going around to my customers trying to sell them hacked systems.
Does anyone have anymore info on this? (What receivers, model numbers, do we have to return the care). I was getting ready to sell my 6000,but will wait if they are going to send a new smart card.
I have 2 active receivers and 1 un-active receiver, will all three get new cards or just the 2 active rec.? If only the 2 active rec. what if I want to activate the 3rd later on?
It was under my understanding that some of the older ird's like the 2700 series won't suppoert the yellow card
I just got off the phone with Dish and he said the older model 6000's will get the new smart card, he could not tell me what model numbers would get the new ones, all he could say if you had an older model 6000 it would most likely be replaced.

Someone else might want to give them a call to see if they can get any more info out of them.
Someone sent me an AVI of the Smart Card Update Channel, I have toying with putting it online, but I don't want to violate Dish Copyright.

Although I believe if we can help them make this transaction smoother for their customers it should not be a problem.
What is your receiver model number or do you have one of the old ones where you had to install the off air tuner and that other hdtv upgrade yourself?
model 6000, you have to install both 8psk and 8vsb modules in this receiver. It came with the 8psk installed, and I installed the 8vsb.

But I thought all 6000's had the slots in the back for these two modules.
Where are they sending the new smart card? Service or billing address? This is for the people that have "moved".
The cards will be sent to your billing address.

The Smart Card number of the new card will be the same card number you have now. When you call and activate your card it may take up to 15 minutes for your programming to return.

Again once you have switched working you are to destroy you old smartcard by cutting it in half (Or by placing it in your wallet and using it as an ICE scraper) :D
What would happen if somone not being to honest had ppv's still on their old card? Would they get a free pass with putting the new card in? Or are the ppv's stored somewhere on the receiver besides the smartcard?

Is my 811 dead? It wouldn't turn on...

E* model 2800

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