Dish to add any new RSN's anytime soon?


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Oct 24, 2006
Grand Island, NY
Will they hint toward it? Or will they just do it out of the blue? Just hoping for a Ny Rsn as of the Buffalo Sabres in HD!!

I am afraid it is a MSG (cablevision/Dolans) Dish (Charlie) feud and us Sabre Fans are caught in the middle. Perhaps the best bet is bombard the Sabres with email, phone calls,etc. demanding that Dish and FIOS subs get the same treatment by the Sabres as the TWC and Direct subs do. Then maybe the Sabres can put the pressure on MSG and Dish to get some agreement for HD broadcasts.

Dish is thin ice with me regarding the Sabres and Hockey Season is only a month away. Even though I don't want to give up my 722, I may be left with no choice very soon.


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Sep 18, 2007
Niagara Falls,NY
I would bombard only if we had a large enough community here that are sabres fans. As they are only a handfull of us trying to get this RSN. If only this issue was as big as VOOM. Imagine seeing non-stop threads concerning the sabres in HD :rolleyes:. Ahh if only life was that comforting...:river


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Oct 4, 2007
I wouldn't mind if Dish Network were too add Comcast SportsNet Northwest during our lifetimes.

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