Do you believe in the idea of teams/players selling their souls to win a title? (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Master
Apr 15, 2008
Sometimes, I have felt that some teams that come out of nowhere to win a title or do something great had to sell their soul to the devil.

Not literally, but figuratively.

Here are some of my examples:

1993 New York Islanders- Upset the two-time Cup champ Penguins in a seventh game in Steeltown.

When one considers how terrible they have been ever since, I still insist that they may have sold their souls to beat Pittsburgh in exchange for an extended period of mediocrity.

(Hopefully, by the time Sandra comes back from her vacation, she can respond to this)

1994 Denver Nuggets- Upset Seattle in round 1, then go into the cellar for years before drafting Carmelo, getting Camby, and trading for A.I.

Looking at the magnitude of that upset and how wretched Denver was for many years after that, I can't help but bring up the possibility.

1997 Florida Marlins- Given what happened that offseason think about this one...

1980 Oakland Raiders- They left for L.A. a year later, barely made the playoffs, and Jim Plunkett managed to guide them past Cleveland, Air Coryell AND the Eagles? I think Al Davis may have pulled a fast one on Satan. They may be the least liked Super Bowl champs of all-time, IMO.

(BTW, the 1983 team earned their title. With Howie Long and Marcus Allen and all those renegades and tough players, that was a well-earned title, IMO.)

2007 New York Giants- I think it's too good to be true. Perhaps they fall back to mediocrity by 2010?


do you believe in the idea of a team selling its soul to the devil for something big?

If so, feel free to come up with some other examples.
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