Do you leave the pole?

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Feb 5, 2007
Do you guys that do a lot of dish hunting take the pole down for the previous owner? If so, what is the best way? I saw a guy pulling one out with a backhoe that I installed back in 92. I know that it didnt come out without a fight! But I was taught to really taper it down wide at the bottom of the hole.


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Jul 16, 2006
North West of St. Louis, MO
I have taken down several dishes, and only had to dig one out, and it was just a Primestar pole, so wasn't too bad.

It depends on what the owner wants. I usually offer to saw it off an inch or so above the ground if the owner wants that done. Some do, some don't. I usually tell the owner of a BUD that I won't dig it out. If he wants to get rid of the dish, he accept that. Unless it was a Birdview, then I might dig up his whole back yard. :D

I use a sawz-all with a metal cutting blade in it. Works pretty good.



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May 18, 2004
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I ask, it's the least I can do, if they're giving it to me. Of course it's something I don't want to do, but I will. I've had 4 BUD's given to me, and 3 were already down, they just wanted me to take them away. One of those, the guy said he couldn't pick it up/out, so he dug away from it and pushed it over and buried it. The other 2, I got one of them and the other pole is being used as a multiple flower holder. The other BUD, I took it down and I dug up the pole and busted the concrete loose and hope to use it some day?



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Feb 21, 2007
I dig around the pole and loosen it up, break up the concrete, and pull like crazy. Or the better method that a buddy showed helped me with - dig around the concrete a bit too loosen it up, back against the post with a metal bumper of a truck to REALLY loosen things up, then hoist the pole out using an engine hoist (that was the easiest pole I ever pulled out)
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