Does this sound like a bad DP34?


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Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
Noticed on my 721 that it was taking a long time to change channels. Did a reboot, didn't help. Did a check switch, and tuner #2 starting going through 28 checks. I know dishpro only does 3. I'm thinking great, my 2nd tuner is dying, but I decided to run check switch on my 921. Same problem with 2nd tuner.

I'm pretty sure it must be the switch (thankfully actually, I would have hated losing 50 hours of recording on my 721), but just thought I'd ask the experts before I call Dish.

Another reason to have the warranty plan from dish!
Switched the inputs on my 721 as per Dish CSR, and tuner 1 then had the problem. Dish is sending me a new switch.

I guess a new problem you hadn't heard of for you Boba!

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