DP34 Switch and 22Khz setup help coolsat 5k

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Jun 14, 2006
Hello. I use Coolsat 5000 with superdish setup of 110,119, and 121. It works great with dp34 switch, running onto two receivers. recently I added 82.0w nimiq 2. I am running 22khz switch to split signal to one receiver. I ran superdish inputs into the dp34. took one output to the 22khz port and put 82 w on the 0khz port. Didiseqc setting is 82 w= 4. with 22khz off. getting 82 w fine. having problem with the superdish, when I setup 1,2,3 its giving me 110 for all three. I have the 22khz on. It seems like the 22khz is not splitting the signal.

can someone help me out and give me some seggestions on how to overcome this problem.
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