Dreaded "scrolling white lines"



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May 11, 2004
Last night while watching some boring NBC programming I noticed that I have the dreaded scrolling white line problem. The weird part is that I only see it on Detroit channel 4 - NBC. I receive this station on Directv as part of their local packages. I checked all the other locals and there were no white lines. I also could not find them on any other channel. Is it possible to only have this problem on 1 channel? Or is the problem originating from Directv and they are the ones that have to fix it on their end? My dish is mounted on a 5/8" fence post which is grounded. All of my grounds are tied together with 10 guage copper wire. Anyone have any thoughts? :confused:


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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
If it was on one local channel only I would suspect the problem was at the source not at your receiver. If it continues call Directv and let them know.

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