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Jan 1, 2006
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If Claude gets them and we order before our coupon expires, will it still count even if Claude runs out of stock? I don't exactly understand the rules and I will be really close as mine expire in late June.


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Sep 9, 2003
I use my coupons one some of the ones that are available now. I had jumped the gun and ordered my coupons ASAP and didn't read the part about it expiring in only 90 days.

Luckily my mom don't need her coupons, so I'll order her's later as the Pal comes out and use those coupons for them.


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May 21, 2008
Picture and a little news from Dish Team Summit Nashville

TR40 renamed DTVpal and shrank 50%

Places I know of that Accept the coupon for a DTVPal
$??.?? @ | $??.?? + $8.95 shipping | 6.5% Sales Tax Minnesota
$18.94 @ | $48.99 + $9.95 shipping | 6% sales tax Michigan
$9.45 Provantage @ 1-800-336-1166 | $42.50 + $6.95 shipping | ? sales tax Ohio

Provantage started accepting pre-orders over the phone around May 8th and has already stopped.
John from told me he plans to sell for the $39.99
and he does off combined shipping for two CECBs for the same price.

DISH Network DTVPal Converter Box -
A site with CECB box information

Does anyone know if the TVGuide EPG will look like this?

Even older news:
Microtune’s MT2131 tuner is featured in a number of coupon-eligible converter boxes that have been certified by the NTIA. They are, according to the NTIA certification date: Sansonic FT300A, Sansonic FT300RT, ECHOSTAR TR-40, Lasonic LTA-260, Lasonic LTR-260, Zinwell ZAT-857, OLEVIA DTA100, DENCA NL9119, DENCA NL8118, Zinwell ZAT-756A

This MicroTune news has me the most scared as all the Falcon Digital CECBs (Sansonic, Gridlink, etc.,) have not been getting very good reviews at the AVS Forum.

I am hoping that the problem is with the Auvitek AU8515 SoC Chip or in the firmware being used by Falcon Digital.

The other thing scarring me is that the plastic box looks like it has no ventilation.
Yes, I know that it has a External power supply but so does the Artec Pro CECB and it has Heat Problems.

For those wondering yes I am Malouff at the AVS Forum
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May 21, 2008
0 | | and are live

The offical site is now live.

From the this button's link on the offical site:

DISH Network will begin selling DTVPal in mid-late June 2008.

To receive updates as information becomes available please sign up for our analog to digital newsletter.


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May 21, 2008
I use my coupons one some of the ones that are available now. I had jumped the gun and ordered my coupons ASAP and didn't read the part about it expiring in only 90 days.
What were the ones that you got?

I have also ordered the MicroProse MPI-500 and this is why:

I ordered this one because they are having a special of reduced price after the coupon of $19.99 and also offer FREE Shipping.

More important than that is that it uses the LG SoC that will be used in the upcoming Zenith DDT901 both with Analog PassThru.
Yes, I know the DTVPal also has PassThru and I need it in my area.

The MicroProse is easier to switch to PassThru mode then the Philco/Magnavox's menu based answer you place the box in standby mode by turning it off with the remote or pressing the power button on the box.

This LG based box also does not suffer from the Zenith Audio Problem found in all boxes up until the APRIL 2008 model, other boxes based on LG still are suffering from the problem.

I like how this box has a lot of controls located on the box for when you lose your remote.

This box also has a External power supply and a ventilated metal case.

PSIP EPG's are slow in these CECBs so it is using the friendly Now/Next like Zenith.

It has most of the same menu functions as the Zenith DDT900 that has been getting great reviews and has been reporting the best sensitivity.

It allow manual channel add like the Zenith and also allows you to edit your channel list.

MicroProse is the only CECB that has a partnership with the Community Broadcasters Association (CBA) or

I don't think most consumers know how important Analog Passthru is.
It is designed for those like we who will still have Analog stations.
It is also designed for those in a all Digital market so they don't have to split their antenna signal to another device such as a VCR, DVD Recorder, etc.,

Boxes like both the DTVPal and MicroProse MPI-500 solve this problem and either one should be a good choice unlike a Digital only CECB.
Both also look easier to use especially for the elderly and who get lost in menus like what the Philco/Magnavox is doing.

For those who’s NTIA coupons are set to expire I would recommend a MicroProse MPI-500

I should still have time to hold out for a DTVPal with my other coupon and really like the TVGuide EPG that comes with that one along with the having used the TVGuide EPG instead of a PSIP.
Programming search
Event timer
And more than a Now/Next for the current channel


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Jan 25, 2008
Corpus Christi, Texas
Funny thing Here in Corpus christi, is none of the electronics stores,walmart,radioshack inc,carry the a an analog passthrough box. The only one is a grocery store (HEB). More than half the stations down here are low power and will remain so, yet no one is talking about it. I have two coupons and will use them on the it. It not a name I know much about. Philco is the brand name on the box prices at 39.99 ready for the semi digital age down here.


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May 21, 2008
rhdj the Philco is the same as Magnavox here is a link to the User Manual

I am sorry to everyone but it looks like MicroProse has switched orders
MicroProse has switched orders from the MPI-500PT* with PassThru to the MPI-500 a DIGITAL ONLY.

MicroProse is not allowed to take any coupon based orders for the MPI-500PT model until the unit appears on the CECB list.
Here is the NTIA Alert for Microprose from the NTIA

To be fair the NTIA should also remove the Zenith DTT900 - they have fixed the left channel audio problem in the APRIL 2008 Builds -

They like MicroProse have made modifications since their initial NTIA approval and should have to re-certify.
Both modifications are for the better so why is Zenith's modification different?

Zenith should not be allowed to sell with a coupon any modified builds until they too gain recertification like MicroProse.

I guess the NTIA thinks it is doing the public a favor by removing a much needed Analog PassThru CECB

The NTIA sure are ok approving boxes that violate the "All Channel Receiver Act" enacted by Congress in 1962 though.

What rule did MicroProse violate by the way?

Cyclone - it looks like if I may have "jumped the gun" with my recommendation for those with expiring coupons.
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Nov 10, 2006
I just preordered a APEX 250 from global with my soon (couple of days) expiring coupon. Apex DT250 Digital Converter Box

It lists S video and Analog Pass thru

Suppose to be in stock within one or two weeks. Hope it works

I want the DTVpal and am trading my other coupon with a relative to get one of those later. Really poor that they didn't tell folks that the coupons would expire when we requested them.


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May 21, 2008
LG has two different listings on the NTIA approved CECBs list
under Zenith and Insignia the brand names they are being sold as.

Dish Network is only listed as DISH Network DTVPal

The DTVPal should reapply under that brand names it will be sold as. SlingMedia and EchoStar

So they don't encounter a NTIA delay/problem like MicroProse did.

LG should not be treated different then Dish Network?

The NTIA looks like it is not having these CECB Manufactures playing by the same rules.

Doesn't everyone find it sad that the NTIA has a release about MicroProse selling a passThru model MPI-500PT*
even though they were listed for a Digital Only MPI-500 and got told off by the NTIA?

What NTIA rule did MicroProse break?

Did the DTVPal have to gain certification with the NTIA for it's modifications both to the size and name change from the TR-40 to be listed under DTVPal?

If not why does MicroProse?

All the manufactures have made some modifications since being listed.

Look at Zenith they have had different tuners and recently something in the APRIL 2008 build to fix the audio.

Where was this release from the NTIA when MaxMedia kept changing features and sold vaporware with a promise of a June Delivery for those who ordered.

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