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Dec 3, 2003
I want to get *V and had an install scheduled but cancelled it. Now it looks like they are getting more content and it's peaking my curiosity again.

two things are holding me back

1) I like *D & *E 's ability to have caller ID on the TV screen. I've seen a couple of boxes that do this but it appears they only do it on modulated channels. Any ideas ? would like to keep it simple. Only one *V STB will be installed and split to 4 tv's so I would like to see caller ID on all of them.

2) What if any sd and HD channels are going to be added soon ? if anyone knows.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

1 - I do not have enough information about the caller ID feature. Will try to find out.

2 - Besides the promised that by 2/1/04 new additional SD and HD channels by VOOM, everything remain speculation. So right now we all waiting for more channels to be added.

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