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Dec 31, 2003
I am anxiously awaiting my Voom installation. I recently bought my first HDTV, a panasonic LCD 22" Widescreen for my Bedroom. I will be keeping Comcast extended basic cable on my Living room SDTV since Voom isn't compatible with my Tivo yet. I've read a few articles speculating that there might be a HD Standlone Tivo coming out later in 2004, however whether or not it will be compatible with Voom hasn't been mentioned. Tivo is supposed to have a "Press Conference" on January 8th, so maybe I'll get some answers. This will be my first satellite experience. I was very disillusioned over the meager amount of HD Channels offered by Comcast, Directtv or the Dish. Voom's impressive list of HD channels (39 soon) is what sold me! Why have a high def TV if you don't fully utilize it? .......Happy New Year to all!
Dec 27, 2003
Congrats! As a start up VOOM is not without it's struggles. Be persistent and report all issues, however small you might think they are, to VOOM. I have found this forum to have very nice folks involved and very good info. And even though wires and communications sometimes get crossed....the VOOM folks are always pleasant as well. If you need follow up help from VOOM or your installer, remember, be persistent. Waiting to be contacted (even if that is what you are told) may be a waste of your time, call them!!


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