Voom Called Me Today. Part II


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Nov 29, 2003
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Again another survey which was ok by me. The CSR asked if I thought the programming was "from a scale 1 to 5 with 1 being the best" good and I told her it was a 3. She then asked why a 3 and I told her it was the lack of HBO and Cinemax. She said those channels will be available on the 1st of January. That's just 2 days from now. I hope it's true.
I hope that the csr is correct about January 1st. I also read January 15th as another day of possibly adding HD channels. Let's see and wait...
If not a Christmas present I'll definitely take a New Year's present :) from ear to ear.

Keep the faith,
it could be,because here in ny area cablevision signed the ok to let Time warner keep mSG and FSNY on their systems after jan 1.no mater what anyone says there is some kind of corp. unbrella-- cablevision/voom--- time warner/HBO
I just called VoOm for another issue (was surfing my account online and saw that it had me listed as having two recievers..I only have one...but they say they can't change it) anyway....I asked about HBO, they said not soon as far as they know, but that something called "Fuel" will be added sometime in the next week
Fuel showcases action sports like surfing, motocross and skateboarding, plus music videos and interviews. www.fuel.tv
Is this a channel or program added to one of the exclusive channels? If it is a channel it looks like a Standard Definition channel.

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