DVR921 - Audio Issues


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Dec 2, 2003
I just hooked my 921 up last night, and the optical audio seems to be going out. It first happened when changing channels. Then I recorded 2 programs (timer events). When I played them back there was no audio. When this happens, it requires a reboot to get the audio back. Not sure if the standard audio outputs are working when it occurs.

Finally, I pulled the Toslink cable from the back of my receiver (without a 921 reboot), then plugged it back in. The audio came back!

Has anyone else had this problem?
I found the problem...

I did a little research and used some of the debugging suggestions other members had for the 811 (replace fiber optic cable, etc.). No such luck.

I've realized it's my receiver. I have an older JVC DD (no DTS), and it has an issue when switching from HD channels with DD sound to channels with PCM audio. When I switch from HD to SD, no audio. If I unplug the fiber optic cable and plug it back in, the audio returns! :no

Looks like I'll need to buy a new receiver to use the 921 the way I want it. Although I don't necessarily mind it, I wasn't planning on it. Oh well...

So far, I like the 921. The aspect modes are a little strange sometimes, and it seems to generate a lot of heat when placed into an armoire with closing doors. Other than that, I like it a lot. :) Since this is my first DVR, I can only use a VCR as a reference point, and it's miles ahead of that! I'll probably get more picky as I keep using it.

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