ESPN aquires Arena Football League rights


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Sep 13, 2005
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someone who has better hands than yours truly, please post the link. but i just read that espn will broadcast the 2007 arena football league, with 14 regular season games on monday night, starting in march. they will also have the playoffs and arena bowl!!

my question with the most relevance: can they coax the lovely suzy kolber into the booth to do play by play?
they even picked upa minority interest in the league. It apparently is not exclusive so tou still may see games elsewhere.
but not on nbc, as they did not renogiate their contract when it expired!! i believe hdnet shows a game every week in hi-def.
AFL is the best fan experiance possible. Least here in orlando. For a 15$ ticket you get a 3 hour show and a non stop party in the stands... To goto a tampa bay bucs game cost ya 60$ in the CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP seats and they SUCK!! afl is far faster then NFL and higher scoreing which makes for a quicker paced game.. No run, run, run, pass, run, fieldgoal/punt... its score score score...
well, since tampa is the closest nhl team to me and i don't drive anymore, going to a chockey game isn't high on my list.

now, when orlando had the solar bears, of the old international hockey league, i attended a few games.

but i never said i liked arena football for the speed. i like for the novelty and the racious atmosphere!!

Knicks/Nuggets brawl/slapfest/chest-thumping contest

NFL Football Week Sixteen

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