ESPN Gameplan and Regional Fox sports channels?


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Jun 20, 2004
Hi Guys:

I'm contemplating switching to Voom but from what I have managed to discern from browsing the Voom site, it doesn't appear that Voom has the regional Fox Sports channels. Also, I don't see that they plan to offer ESPN's College Football Gameplan.

One of the biggest reasons I have cable is to get college football and a lot of it is on the regional Fox channels and the ESPN Gameplan PPV which is available on both DishNetwork and DirecTV. If I can't get either of those on Voom (whether in HD Or SD) then I'll have to seriously about sticking with DishNetwork and think twice about Voom.

Do any of you have any information on Voom's SD or HD coverage of college football this fall?

do not make the jump. There's no "official" indication that VOOM will carry Regional Sports Network or ESPN's College Football Game Plan at this point. There's a lot of speculation but nothing concrete. Maybe by September/October there will be a clear picture to your question.
thanks, guess I'll stick with Dish for now

Thanks Sean:

Guess I have yet one more reason to tread water for now. I'm finally diving into HDTV with the purchase of a Samsung DLP but I'm holding off on any commitments to a satellite service provider until both the College football and the PVR/Tivo situation settles out.

None of the three satellite providers gives me the perfect combination of HD programming, sports programming, and PVR equipment and it sounds like it will be some 6 months or more before the best choice is obvious. The Voom PVR and Dish PVR 942 are both vaporware at this point. DirecTV seems to have the best option with the new TIVO but they are pricy and hard to find.

So at this point I guess I'll just minimize my up-front commitment by leasing a Dish 811 for my HD programming, keep my existing Dish PVR for non-HD, and wait 6 months or so before making the final financial commitment to a HD satellite provider and HDTV PVR system.

Unfortunately I'm too rural to have cable as an option so its satellite or nothing.

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