ESPN-HD: NHL & Baseball LIVE in HD Today!

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Sep 8, 2003
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4pm EST ESPN-HD: NHL CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS GAME 5: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Philadelphia Flyers LIVE


Keep your comments regarding quality, camera angles and game here!
a lot of people will think it looks soft. The nhl on espnhd. But HD has a dramatic affect on hockey. MUCH better than SD.
I'll try to watch in both E* and V* to see any differences. I guess we have to say that ESPN HD is not the greatest looking sports in HD.
yes definately not as good as HDnet hockey but since I wont watch SD hockey anymore this is great. lmao

PQ is perfect for espnhd, i dont think you will see a difference.
i think it looks very good, enjoying this game alot. Comparison between dish 6000 through component and voom through dvi, i think the slight edge goes to VOOM. anybody else getting black scrren every couple of minutes, dont know if it happens on dish also?
Already a goal...I missed that. Yes. Game is not as good as HDnet but it is what you come to expect for ESPN HD. Another goal... The black screens I have not seen yet but I was not watching continuously. I have been flipping through three channels...
Why would they choose to show the "replays" in SD instead of HD. Don't these guys have the ability to do this. In an HD presentation, I expect replays to be HD.
O the excuse ive heard is that "its an HD and SD broadcast." "not enough HD cams". or "it adds character" blah blah all kinds of bologna. Hear those excuses from all the networks. But we wait 2 or 3 days for an hd event on espnhd and they use sd cams in it?
Sean Mota said:

Keep your comments regarding quality, camera angles and game here!

Still trying to get ch301 to tune - all the other ESPN's ok - but the HD for hockey is still getting no signal, try later, although system setting signal strenth, quality are normal for my setup. Called in to get an action report started, no others reported by the CSR i talked with. Anyone else similiar problem? i'm gonna unplug reboot to see if it does anything. Any other suggestion fixes? tyvm
Whoa... the baseball game looks pretty damn good! And I can see no difference between ESPNHD on D*, and ESPNHD on VOOM! Both nice lookin' PQ!!! :D Now if they could just fix those micro stutters! ;)

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