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Welcome to the unofficial Glorystar Christian satellite systems forum!

If you are visiting this forum for the first time, welcome! We strive to offer a friendly, helpful atmosphere. SatelliteGuys forum is a place to find the quick answer to an installation challenge, share a tip to solve a technical issue, make some new friends, swap a great story, suggest the addition of a channel, discuss programming or help improve the Glorystar experience, please call this forum home!

Who is Glorystar?
Glorystar Christian Satellite Systems is the leading ministry support partner for Christian Television and Radio satellite broadcasters in North America. More Christian channels are available on a Glorystar satellite system than on any subscription cable provider or satellite service including Dish Network, DirecTV and even IPTV providers like Sky Angel! Every month, Glorystar is introducing more TV and Radio channels and offering 24/7 access to spiritually uplifting and culturally diverse Christian programming. There no lifetime subscriptions, activation charges, subscription fees, or monthly charges! All satellite Christian television and radio channels are FREE!

What channels are currently available with Glorystar?
Click HERE to find out more about the available channels.

Aren't these Christian channels already available as Free to Air services?
A hobbyists will no doubt remember your first experience with FTA (Free to Air) satellite channels. You heard rumors about the free channels, maybe you searched the internet for information, shopped with a few vendors, pieced some equipment together, read alot of forums, asked a lot of questions, nearly froze to death on the roof waving the dish in all directions and calling out to the kids in the house " How's the signal?"..... Finally you got the system working, replaced a few of the poor initial equipment purchases, enjoyed a few months of programming, but then the channel moved! Where did it move? How to receive it again? Who can help me? Only Glorystar Christian Satellite Service offers
automatic channel updating on the GEOSATpro DVR1100, DSR100 and DSR200 receivers. No need to ever reprogram your receiver to receive the latest Christian and family friendly channels. We program your receiver each week automatically with a signal from the satellite!

Glorystar is here to provide the right equipment, excellent customer support, along with an unique installation and viewing experience. We make sure that the equipment is easy to install and simple to use. Why should you have to be a technician to enjoy free Christian satellite programming? Glorystar is bringing free Christian satellite programming to every home!

Is Glorystar available in my area?

This map shows the estimated coverage of the Glorystar system signals in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
If you live in Northern Canada, Southern Caribbean or the North Coast of South America you may need a larger dish to reliably receive the channels. Note: This map is based on estimated signal measurements in a region. Please call for if you have any questions regarding the signal availability in your area.

I have trees or tall buildings near my property. Will these interfere with reception of Glorystar?
Satellite signals will not travel through leaves, branches buildings or overhangs. There must be a direct line of sight to the satellite to receive the channels. In North America, the satellites are always located to the South. Imagine a point in the sky that is located over the equator in line with Mexico and Texas. If you live in the East, the satellites will be located Southwest of your location, If you are in the West, the satellites are Southeast. In Mexico the satellites are very high in the sky, but in Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, the satellites are very low near the horizon. Use the Satellite Aiming Calculator at http://www.GeoSatFinder.com
to find where the dish needs to be aimed. Perform a site check before mounting the dish to make sure that nothing will interfere with receiving the satellite signals.

Can I install the satellite system myself?
If you have a good understanding of how to use a compass, have basic mechanical skills and a technical aptitude you should have the skills necessary to install the system. This forum is here to help!

Can I receive other channels with this system?
Glorystar systems are preprogrammed to receive only Christian TV and Radio channels. Starting in May, 2007 an OTA (Over the Air) signal began transmitting via satellite to update Glorystar receivers and automatically add any new Christian Channels. Viewers have the option to override this new automatic channel programming service. All Glorystar distributed receivers are capable of programming additional free secular channels available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and several other languages. For an additional investment in equipment and advanced installation process, a motor will allow the dish to point at many different satellites. These satellites will provide a total of approximately 300 free channels and a wider variety of English programming. Please visit the Free to Air Forum and search the many excellent threads on these additional channels and how to receive them.

Can I use my existing Dish Network or DirecTV dish?
No, a slightly larger dish is required with a different type of LNBF and mounting.
Dish Network and DirecTV LNBFs use circular polarity and tune a higher frequency than the free to air services. To receive the FTA Christian programming, you should use a 36" / 90cm dish and must use a linear polarity LNBF (either Standard or Universal type). Glorystar distributes Standard (LO 10750) type LNBFs.

Can I use a Dish Network, Bell ExpressView or DirecTV receiver?
These receivers will not receive the free Christian Channels as they are proprietary and targeted at receiving a particular service. These receivers will not work on the satellites that use other audio and video encoding paramenters. For example, a Dish Network receiver will only receive signals that have the same signal rate and forward error correction as Echostar satellites use. A receiver that can handle variable SR / FEC and receive non encrypted programming is called a Free To Air (or FTA) receiver.

Can I use this system with my 8' - 10' BUD C-band dish?
Many additional channels are available on a C-Band system. Please visit the SatelliteGuys C-Band Forum.

Will I get in trouble for receiving the Free to Air Channels?
It is completely legal to receive these channels in Canada, US, Mexico and most other countries.

Who can install a Glorystar system?
Simply purchase an preprogrammed Glorystar satellite system and book a professional installation through an installer referral website www.FTAinstall.com, or save some money and follow the easy to install guide (remember, we are here to help). Within 10 business days of your order, you will be enjoying wholesome Christian, faith-based programming. It really is that easy!

A Glorystar satellite system is guaranteed to be the easiest to install, provide the most free Christian channels, offer the most advanced features and the highest quality equipment and unsurpassed customer satisfaction!

Glorystar preprograms all receivers with Christian channel lists embedded in the firmware. No fumbling around in complicated menus or accidently erasing all channels. Simply activate the Glorystar receiver and it will be
ready to connect to the dish then automatically download the most current channel list. If someone accidently deletes one or all channels or plays around with the menus, no problem! Just reset to the current default channel list!

Aiming the satellite dish couldn't be easier! Place the Glorystar receiver on a preprogrammed channel and the built-in signal finder will indicate when the satellite is found and the signal is peaked. Exact and quick aiming!

Why do broadcasters partner with Glorystar?
Glorystar provides satellite broadcast partners with easy access to uplink providers, cooperative promotional materials and marketing opportunities, customized web site with cart tracking, a toll free 800 number connecting to a friendly, bilingual sales team, monthly customer reports, experienced technical support staff providing one year unlimited telephone and online tech chat along with in-house factory authorized warranty / repair service. We eliminate the extra charges associated with most international distribution by providing direct product shipping from our facilities in the US, Mexico and Canada, .... All of this is is provided to the broadcaster AT NO CHARGE!

A partnership with Glorystar allows the broadcaster do what they do best .... produce quality Christian programming. Broadcasters do not need to hire staff to support the sales, distribution and technical requirements of direct to home broadcasting. Glorystar Christian Satellite Systems understands Direct to Home satellite distribution and the importance of outstanding customer support. We pride ourselves in being a company with integrity. We promise to provide an excellent experience for the viewer while supporting and growing the broadcasting ministry.

Satellite Installers - Offer satellite programming that promotes a positive lifestyle. Join the Glorystar free satellite installer referral program at

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We welcome Glorystar to the SatelliteGuys family! And we also welcome those here to learn about Glorystar and the services they offer!



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Yes :welcome GloryStar!!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 12, 2006
This is AWESOME! My wife and I have been thinking of dumping Dish and buying a Glorystar system for some time now. Having this forum definitely seals the deal!! Welcome and thanks Glorystar1!!


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Yea, I've been posting a lot but didn't welcome you to the forum. Much appreciated you are. I have a feeling you might be on to something here and having a forum like this can only help expand your service.


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just curious, its hard for me to read your map. i'm in central florida (daytona beach) and have two questions: first, how well do we fit into your programming footprint? and do you have qualified installers in this area? thanks.


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how well do we fit into your programming footprint?
very well. The channels on AMC4 are (no pun intended) ungodly strong. I could get most of the Glorystar channels on a smaller dish (an old DirecTV Phase II with a KU LNB). A couple were weak but that was due to the smaller dish. The stock dish in the system (36" dish) I get very good signals on AMC4. The stuff on IA5 (G25) works great here in Minnesota. I know lots of people in Florida who have a dish for the ethnic channels on IA5 and it works fine.


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I have a SatelliteAV system with the dual-LNBF setup that they sell for Glorystar. The black dish on this particular model is very snazzy and the miniature LNBFs and DISEQC switch are also amazing.

I highly recommend the Glorystar system for anyone looking at tuning two 4-degree-adjacent services.

Did I say the super-miniature LNBFs are just amazing?? They're smaller than the smallest "bullet" ones I've ever seen. The body of the LNBF is exactly as wide as the aperture to give you some idea.


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Welcome Glorystar, we need some wholesome programming in this country and it sounds like you have taken the complexity out of the the FTA Christian channels so many more people other than us "satellite guys" can also get the reception.

Welcome to the forum!!!!


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Welcome Glorystar!!!

Did I understand correctly, that you have distributors and insallers in Mexico? This is an answer to prayer in seeking Christian programming in central Mexico. I had lifetime subscription to SA when in the USA but have not been able to view Christian TV for two years.


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Jan 30, 2004

Is it possible to receive in Ecuador? We have a family that I put in SA for and now they are going to Ecuador as missionaries


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What is Glorystar?

Maybe i missed it, but what exactly is Glorystar? Does it sell equipment with programing to get FTA from others or does it rent transponders and seek programing from suppliers to provide Christian channels? How is it financed if it's free?


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Glorystar is a Ministry Support Partner with Christian broadcasters providing equipment distribution throughout North America. We are not burdened by the cost of dedicated or limited transponder space or the cost of providing an uplink center. We do not control the uplink services or the availability of the Christian content FTA channels. Broadcasters are free to book their own space and sign their own contracts to determine the coverage and the link budget for their own ministry!

Glorystar distributes FTA equipment which is preloaded with custom developed firmware. We are financed through the sale of equipment and the installation bookings if required by the customer.

Very soon we will begin to offer unique services through Glorystar equipment that will not be available with standard FTA receivers. In the near future, Glorystar channels will also be available at a very nominal charge via IPTV. Once again our goal is to provide distribution of Christian content programming using high quality equipment, providing excellent customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost to the broadcaster and the viewer!

Gary Z

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What are these "unique services through Glorystar equipment that will not be available with standard FTA receivers. " ? :)

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