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Nov 7, 2006
hi guys,

could any of you guys tell me if an andrews feedhorn would be suitable for a triax dish and fortec star dishes they are both offset, i need one that fits a 40mm lnb holder, i speak from the uk. thanks.

regards john
Hello johnwilliam1 from the UK, I am PSB from the UK (Now living here in the US)

WELCOME to the SatelliteGuys.US FTA forum!

I guess you are talking about the below Andrews feedhorn for use with off-set dish. As mentioned below its very important for the feedhorn be matched to the SHAPE and SIZE of your dish rather than the make of the dish.

"Taking a 1.2m dish as an example. A 40mm LNB may only illuminate 1.1m of dish
area or perhaps 1.3m of dish area (i.e. including noise round the edges)
But with a matched feedhorn, exactly 1.2m of dish area is illuminated. This feedhorn
is for offset dishes and can also be used on other makes of offset dish."


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What's the weather like today in the UK?

Watched the Coventry v Stoke soccer game on Monday and it was VERY foggy and cold looking!

Cheers and Beers!
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