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Jun 4, 2007
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Ok so today I ventured over to 103° from 87°. When I got there my birdog played the tone to indicate found but I had 0% Q. I went inside and scanned and got about 30 ch. I went out and pulled the elevation screw and did this (see attached) and got it up to 73%. I scanned for channels and got a ton more.

Question is 1) Why is it on at 87 and off at 103? His pole could have been not plumb. and 2) My pole is plumb, how do I go about making it be correct all the way across the arc? I feel like if I move the elevation here then the other end will be off.


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Aug 29, 2015
there are 2 adjustments, declination and elevation. elevation has a larger affect at the top of the arc, declination makes a larger improvement at the ends of the arc. on my dish the elevation bolt is at the top of the AZ/EL mount and the declination bolt is on the bottom. I tune the top with the elevation then move over to an outer sat and tweek the declination a little then back to my southern sat back and forth until i get them all. when i first put it in just tiny movements east and west made a difference too and with about a saturday afternoon of small adjustments I got it tracking the arc.
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