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Oct 24, 2006
Jackson, Michigan
How do I zero in on G10R . I found Echostar 9 with a locked signal but I can't seem to get G10R since the two satellites are so close together. I have a motorized system and I rotated to slightly west of Echostar 9 and the unlocked signal level seems to indicate the right azimuth. Do I twittle with the elevation? If so I don't want to screw things up for my other satellites that I'm already receiving, I mean like screw my arc up.
I would try and move the elevation up or down just a smidge.

When you aim a motorized system, you tweak elevation at your true south, motor to your western satellite and tweak there. Then move to the far east satellite and tweak too.

So when I did my motorized, I tweaked 93 (my True south), motored to G10 and checked signal there. Made minor adjustments and then went to AMC6 (72) and repeated.

Good signal all around :)
That's what I thought but I just wanted to hear it from you to be sure. When I went east I found echostar 3 easily and did'nt even have to adjust the elevation so I just wanted to be sure for the western end.
if you receiver has the abality to move slightly east or west ( and i'm assuming you used USALS to get here) if i switch to diseqc 1.2 and i can nudge ( fine tune ) east or west and try to better my signal. i don't always have to use it ( and it can stay as USALS)

And everything Ice told you above is correct . its going to be very slight movements ,cause what adjustments you change here (in elevation) changes on every satellite. (so you have to find a good point for all)
good luck
My receiver only has diseqc so I have adjusted everything so far this way. As you say I'm learning that it's somewhat of a compromise and if you take care your settings on other satellites won't be affected much at all. Thanks!
You have to fine adjust motor elevation also, and all the sat on the arc will be perfect.

Fine tune on your true south then motor to far west and east. If the signal is better when you move dish elevation up on both end, you need to move down your motor elevation a bit. If better when you move dish elevation down, motor elevation up a bit. If different at both end, you need to re-tune your true south, left or right.

After having adjusted your motor elevation, re-tweak your dish elevation at true south.

All the sat on the arc will be at peak power after that. My arc is from 15west to 129west.
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