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Oct 24, 2006

Nice site very helpful but I think I need some help setting up dish.

location sitting on my patio in natick, ma 01760 Lat 42 long 71 TV and stb setup outside viewable from roof.

what I have

winegard 76cm dish
invacom qph-031 lnb
sg2100 motor
coolsat 6000 (price was the same as 5000 elswhere so why not)
diseqc sw L on port 1 C on port 4
loaded CS_6000_fixed.NDF from the coolsat 6000 review thread.

Dish is attached to a temporary mount on the roof plumb and set to 40deg E and pointed at amc 6 (AZm 197) (no motor yet)

I have tried nudging the dish in either direction up and down but never see anything on the level/quality meter of the coolsat.

On the bright side I'm getting a good workout going up and down the ladder:)

TIA for any help/suggestions

There might not be any activity on AMC 6 at this time although NBC/MSNBC feeds and a spanish channel have been there lately. Lyngsat did list a gospel station at 12144V SR 2578 back in august. I will be able to scan it in about 30 minutes. Maybe someone else can do it now.

I would suggest you go to SBS 6 at 74W and try 11741H SR 6616 which is the Ohio News Newtwork (ONN) which is always on. Assuming your elevation is correct now you would need to rotate dish slightly to the right and elevate it more to receive SBS 6.
AMC6 still has the Gospel channel

12143 frequency
V polarity
2573 symbol rate

VERY strong channel to pick up :)
depends on the box

My Coolsat logs it as "TV 1 AMC6 12143 V"
(Coolsat logs channels with no names as TV1, then satellite, frequency and polarity)

My Pansat logs it as TV1
Thanks I tried sbs 6 and got 2 channels 1 was msnbc , the quality was about 5 but it came in fine. I still can't get amc 6 it could be the box setup.

should I just point it in that direction and do a scan I was assuming I would see something on the signal meeter and do a scan.

I also planning a buying a sat meeter like the sf-95c is this any good.

You might actually be on AMC 6. See if the other channel is the gospel channel.

Also, if you were on SBS 6, ONN will probably be the first one scanned in. It is not named and could show as TV 1.
your right I'm on amc 6, if switch to amc on the coolsat I seen no signal if I put it sbs 6 it does do think the setup is meesed up on the coolsat?

Thanks for everyones help, I'm happy I can get anything!!!
In the "Dish Setting" menu the Coolsat gives you the signal and quality of the first TP in its list for that satellite. If it so happens that that TP is inactive, you won't get a signal even though you may actually be correctly pointed at it.

You have to go to the "Motorized Setting" and cycle through the TP list for that satellite and watch the signal levels until you get a live TP.
Thanks, I'll give that a try tomorrow after I setup the permanent pole and remount the dish.
Just wanted to thank everyone for the help, I mounted the dish on the motor and everythings is working pretty good so far.
Please reply by conversation.

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