Fortec classic & Large LCD's

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Aug 6, 2006
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I just bought me a large screen LCD, and I hooked my fortec classic receiver up to it, and I'm getting some major sound feedback.

I then thought maybe something is wrong with the tv, but I hooked my dvd player the exact same way... with no problems...

Is there a setting on the fortec that needs to be changed?
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When you say feedback do you mean a high pitched squealing sound? I can't imagine there being a way for that to happen if things are connected correctly. Double check that the audio connections are not plugged into the video jack etc. as I'm sure you already have. If it's not the sound I described, what kind of sound is it? Was everything ok when it was connected to your old set?
It sounds like one of them are pluged into the wrong hole, but none are. I had to hook it up coax.

The picture of the new tv is great with componet and the dvd player, but the fta receiver is leaving a lot to be desired.

I've not have to figure something out to get my FTA picture looking as good as it can get.
You do realise that DVB pictures are not really that great, don't you?
DVB was all about squashing as many signals onto a satellite as possible.
That was why MPEG2 4:2:2 was invented -- the standard 4:2:0 just isn't up to analog picture quality.

Don't expect wondeful quality pictures...
I am using my two fortec ultras on two lcd tv's and the picture quality is better then cabel.
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