Fox to Revive: 24, X-Files and Prison Break.

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  1. I would find X-Files to be interesting again, after what a 15-20 year hiatus ?
  2. Lost interest in XFiles and Prison Break after 1st couple of seasons and not interested in either one. Now 24 I would like some more of.
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  5. Jack = Ratings = Money
  6. Executive producer confirmed Jack Bauer will be making cameos.... Be kinda cool if the first "reboot" season deals with busting Jack out of Russia.
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  10. Considering Schofield bit the dust in the last episode...dunno how they plan on pulling this off without insulting fans
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  17. I smell this isn't going to work unless you have Jack Bauer or someone that can do a good a job as Kiefer did!! :)
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