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Jun 12, 2007
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As mentioned on other threads here, check out the fine work of Lucas Teske's Open Satellite Project. All source code on Open Satellite Project · GitHub. Currently working with GOES LRIT and HRIT with GRB currently under development. I'm using a 1900 MHz grid dish and an Airspy under Linux receiving LRIT for the past 8 months with HRIT only two days away with the activation of GOES-16 as GOES-E.

Lucas has a chat board at


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Mar 1, 2006
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LRIT and HRIT are relatively easy to receive and decode. They are both vertical polarity (linear). Last month I built a simple feed for my dish using a Quaker Oats container wrapped in aluminum sheeting. It worked great and I got lots of images.

Compiling the Open Satellite code for Windows was a bit challenging, but I got it working. If you don't want to compile it, there are Windows binaries on Github in the release directory.

Currently I am building a septum feed for receiving GRB. This will also require a DVB-S2 receiver that can deal with a generic stream . Many of the TBS cards can record a generic stream using TBS Recorder, but the TBS IP tool (which we need) cannot do generic streams.

Anyway, receiving images and data from the GOES satellites is an interesting hobby!
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