fuzzy pitcher

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Dec 17, 2003
HELP...went to a service call last nite for no pitcher...customer has one rca drd 486 ird plus cable...wants cable and sat on four tv's...running system through a channel plus 3015...cable is clear on all channels...sat is set up to run on channel 80 and is fuzzy...hooked sat up to tv without 3015 and it cleans up the pitcher.....called channel plus and was told i needed a lpf 600[low pressure filter]on the cable input into the 3015..any help with this would be super...thanx....
Your problem is the cable company has a signal or carrier on the channel you want to use so Channel Plus is suggesting a LOW PASS FILTER to eliminate that carrier signal so you can insert your ch80
A fuzzy pitcher is most likley from mold growing in it due to lack of cleaning.

I fuzzy picture is something completely different!
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