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Jan 28, 2009
I have a dish 1000 and a vip722 reciever and my HD channels don't come in any better than the other channels. Any ideas on how to get them in better? Right now the dish is pointing at 129 with a signal of about 43. A tech came out Monday and just looked at my tv screen and said "nothing wrong" didn't bother to change the channels or anything.
I'm assuming that by "come in better" you mean picture quality. Are you noticing no difference in PQ between HD and SD channels? And this may sound dumb, but are you tuned to an HD channel that is broadcasting something in actual HD?
No there's no difference at all in the PQ at any time. When we watch a show that is showing in SD and HD the PQ is the same.
yes I have a HD tv lol and the installer is who pointed it to 129 is guess
The installer must know he done something wrong cause when I finally got dish network to agree to come out here they said he wrote in his report that no one was home when he installed the system . lol
The Turbo packages include the SD counterparts to the HD channels, No soley HD. Are you sure you are selecting the HD channels in the green, HD only guide?
no other cables hooked to the tv and when we select a HD channel is show hd in the upper right side of the menu bar or what ever is's called
Gonna need a lot more details because there is no way the SD and HD channels look the same.

What channels are you looking at?

Are you looking at the sd channel or the hd channel? How do you know? Tell what the guide channel number is and what icons are visible in the guide to indicate you are on the HD channel.

What is your HDTV model and size?

Why do you say there is no difference? Enumerate the qualities you are considering.

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